Lenten Prayer Partners

prayer partners

We invite anyone who is interested to participate in a Lenten Prayer Partner ministry. This includes children and adults, members and friends, those who are able to attend worship and those who are not.

Here is how it works: If you wish to participate, you will be given the name of one other person, your “Prayer
Partner.” You keep this name secret throughout Lent and commit to the following:

1. Pray for this person every day during Lent.

2. Send this person a note of encouragement at least once during Lent, more often if you choose, reminding them you are praying for them. Since your identity is to remain secret, the notes may simply be signed “Your prayer partner.”

3. Reveal your identity to your prayer partner on Easter. This may be done in person, if you plan to worship with us on Easter, or it may be done in the form of a note that is signed by you, but may not be opened until Easter.

At the same time, someone else who has received your name will be praying for you. If you wish to participate, please fill out the form in the bulletin this Sunday, or contact the church office (308-432-5408.) Please respond by February 15th. Please include your address when signing up so that we are sure where to send notes. Prayer partner
assignments will be made the week of Ash Wednesday.